Gala dinner

Thursday October 6, 2022

The Association Les Amis de la Transfusion Arnault Tzanck endowment fund*
Institut Arnault Tzanck

50 years

of Excellence
** Inspired by the 1925 Scott Fitzgerald novel « Tender is the Night » written at villa Saint Louis today known as Hôtel Belles Rives.
Thursday October 6, 2022

hôtel Belles Rives

Jeudi 6 Octobre 2022

hôtel Belles Rives

Cocktails, dinner & silent auction
– Business attire –

To the benefit of les Amis de la Transfusion
Arnault Tzanck Endowment Fund

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tel : +33 4 89 04 45 98

Please RSVP before 09/22/22

Give for innovation,
Give for life

Today, we are asking for your generous support to contribute to the acquisition of the latest generation of cardiac ultrasound scan equipment for the medical facilities of the interventional cardiology department.

Your contributions to the purchase of the 180 000€ PHILIPS EPIX CVx 3D will provide the medical teams with improved tools for a better care of acute coronary syndromes and the most complex angioplasty procedures.

The constant upgrading of the surgical unit equipmentis vital for the successful performance of innovative interventional procedures. The transoesophageal echocardiography scan is an indispensable tool to help these surgeries.
From now, the hospital will be equipped with anatomical intelligence ultrasound facilities (AI technology) fulfilling multiple capacities within the Cardiac technical group, the hybrid OR and the innovative therapies.

In 2019, the ESPIC (Établissement de Santé Privé d’Intérêt Collectif) of the Institut Arnault Tzanck was designated by the Agence Régionale de Santé as Proficient Medical Center and chartered to organize the center for cardiology and surgery within the Groupement Hospitalier des Alpes Maritimes.

In 2022, a fourth room dedicated to interventional cardiology was established with state-of-the-art heart rhythm technology, thanks to the unconditional support of the AAT Association(*), the outstanding contributions of a patron, and public subsidies.

Once again be assured of our immense gratitude for your generous contributions to this medical cause that we all share deeply.

*the association which manages all the Arnault Tzanck Facilities has been declared of General Interest Service. All donations are therefore tax-deductible up to 66%. All contributors will receive a donation receipt.

The donations received by the Association are dedicated to all the projects related to the continuous improvement of our patient’s welfare.

Why an annual Gala?

In 2022 the Institut Arnault Tzanck is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. On this occasion, L’Association Les Amis de la Transfusion Arnault Tzanck which manages all the health and medico-social facilities referred to as the Arnault Tzanck Group, is organizing, through its Endowment fund (*), its first Annual Fundraising Dinner:

– to continue to develop and improve the excellence of the medical services rendered to its patients thanks to the donations collected by the Annual fundraiser;

– to increase public awareness of the Institut Arnault Tzanck as a major player in the regional Medical field as well as to promote its attributes, innovations and state-of-the-art projects.

The medical facilities like l’Institut Arnault Tzanck, are funded as follows:

– on the one hand, by an activity-based payment of medical treatments funded by the Sécurité Sociale budget;

– by the State financial Subsidy for general Interest Missions linked to medical research or educational fields.

Due to a scarcity of public funding, the medical facilities have to cope with a significant decrease in public allocations. Fundraising– donation, legacy, patronage- is therefore an essential source of external financial support.

The status of the Fonds de Dotation AAT makes it possible to issue tax receipts granting benefactors a tax reduction of up to 66% of the amount paid.

Gala Organizing Committee


Catherine LALEUF

Active members:

Sylvie-France DEROCHE
Christine MASON

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